Fresh and sweet Banana Melon Smoothie! Taste it, and you will feel healthier!


- Frozen Melon 150 g
- Frozen Banana 100 g
- Almonds 20 g
- Milk 150 g
- Sweetened Condensed Milk 5 g

#TIP Prepare and slice the ingredients before freezing so they are easy to blend.

How to make

  1. Thaw frozen melon (peel, remove seeds, and cut into pieces).
  2. Thaw frozen bananas (peel then cut)
  3. Put in a smoothie strainer, add all the ingredients, and mix well.
  4. Add sweetened condensed milk to the smoothie and blend once more.


Much loved all over the world, melon is loaded with beta carotene and is effective in fighting cancer. Additionally, the potassium in melon flushes excess sodium from the body and helps relieve swelling and hypertension.


1 cup


211.5 Cal/350 ml


350 ml

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