What would it taste like if mango and blueberries were mixed together? Let's enjoy the sweet taste!


- Mango 150 g
- Blueberries 150 g
- Red wine 150 g
- Kale 40 g

#TIP If you want it fresher, use slightly frozen fruit.

How to make

  1. 1. Peel and seed the mango, then cut into pieces
  2. Wash kale and cut
  3. Separate each grape from the bunch and wash well along with the blueberries

  4. Juice all ingredients following directions.

  5. Drink immediately, or refrigerate for an hour before enjoying


Mangoes are rich in vitamin A, and have as much carotene as green leafy vegetables; Mango is also effective for improving the immune system.


1 cup


147.5 Cal/350 ml

ISI (ml)

350 ml

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