Puree is good for spreading on bread or baby food. Make a snack for your kids with sweet mangoes and bananas!


-Frozen Mango 200 g
- Frozen Banana 150 g
- Topping: Sweetened condensed milk 50 g, Yogurt set type 50 g, Blueberries 5 g, Almond pieces 10 g

#TIP Because mangoes are very sweet, adjust the quantity according to taste. This fruit is rich in carbohydrates and sugar, so avoid consuming it if you are on a diet. Prepare and chop the ingredients before freezing to make it easier to blend.

How to make

    1. Thaw frozen mango (peel, remove seeds, cut into pieces).
    2. Install an empty sieve and place the ingredients into it.
    3. Add toppings according to taste.


    Mango, with its high vitamin C and water content, can refresh your tired body.


    1~2 people

    CALORIES cal)

    252 Cal

    MAKES (ml)

    1~2 people

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