Kuvings Commercial Juicer CS600 - Matt Gun Metal | Cold Press Juicer

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Kuvings Commercial Juicer CS600 Matt Gun Metal

The World’s First Commercial Whole Slow Juicer

  • 24 hours of continuous operation
  • The 88mm flap gate – Wide feed chute
  • Stylish & sleek design for cafes, restaurants, or juice bars
  • An efficient slow-squeezing extractor cold-presses the maximum amount of juice
  • A rotating cleaning brush for easier cleaning
  • Smart Cap for combining juices and preventing leaks.
  • Safety-lock & Cooling system
  • Quiet operation


    Whole Slow Juicer Chef CS600

    The world’s first commercial whole slow juicer.

    Maximum Use 24 hours

    The CS600 features an industrial-grade motor that enables longer use, allowing continuous operation for up to 24 hours when regularly cleaning out pulp in the container, making it ideal for commercial purposes.

    The 88mm flip gate – wide feed chute

    The CS600 features an 88mm flip gate and optimized mouth design, allowing for the insertion of whole ingredients. This wide feed chute decreases extracting time, preserves the natural tastes of ingredients, and minimizes nutrition loss during the juicing process.

    Fresh Juice

    Low speed cold pressing technology reserves the maximum amount of nutrient

    24-Hour Continuous Use

    Equipped with a powerful motor and temperature control technology, enabling long hours of juice extraction.


    The safety-lock system is equipped with a design that allows it to work only if the main components are assembled properly.

    Smart Cap

    Allows for direct pouring of juice and the creation of various mixed juices when closed, while preventing drips during drum movement.

    Detachable Outlet

    The juicer's wider pulp outlet makes cleaning more convenient compared to previous models.

    Clean Up

    You can easily clean up trace residues in the juice strainer. Put the rotating cleaning brush and the juice strainer together and twist them against each other.

    Product Components


    Model CS600
    Use Commercial
    Color Metal
    Dimensions 260 x 183 x 515 mm
    Weight 9.1 kg
    Capacity 600 ml
    RPM 60 rpm
    Voltage 240 V
    Wattage 200 W
    Maximum Use 24 hours
    Warranty 10-Year Warranty on Motor, 2-Year Warranty on Parts