The UK newspaper The Telegraph has chosen Kuvings as the best juicer of 2024.

They reviewed the best juicer machines for 2024 and they reported their best pick is the REVO830, Kuvings juicer.
No froth, just pure juice, and lots of it – the Kuvings has recorded some of the highest quantities of juice under controlled tests, according to UK Juicers. When I made a juice of just one carrot, orange, beetroot and apple, cut into sizeable chunks, a small piece of ginger and a smattering of parsley and spinach, I was left with enough for a decent glass for three people.

The Telegraph said "Cold press juicers tend to grind more slowly, but even so, this was quieter than most. I liked the dual feed function, a larger chute that takes whole apples or other fruits, and a smaller one to the side, which is long and narrow, ideal for whole carrots or celery. It makes this juicer one of the easiest to use. The citrus attachment (an optional extra) is great for quickly juicing oranges without peeling (although you can chuck peeled orange into the main section too)."

Also, The Telegraph said "The cleanup was surprisingly efficient thanks to a wrap around screen brush that removes most of the resulting pulp – a couple of extra brushes help remove anything left over, and a rinse leaves it all spick and span.

The Telegraph finally rated Kuvings as the best overall. "All in all this is a brilliant juicer. It may be pricy, but if you’re sure you’ll be getting good use out of it, it’s worth the investment."

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