Blender Vakum Otomatis Profesional Kuvings CB1000

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Blender Vakum Otomatis Profesional Kuvings CB1000

Kuvings CB1000 memiliki keunggulan :
- Membuka dan menutup secara otomatis
- Auto vakum blender komersial pertama di dunia
- Fungsi Quick button dengan 5 fitur tombol pre-set
- Memiliki material stainless sehingga memiliki durabilitas yang tinggi dan cocok untuk komersial

-Cocok untuk penggunaan komersial
- Warna: Logam & Perak
- Daya Listrik : 1700 Watt
- Dimensi: 220 x 245 x 480 mm
- Berat : 11.200 Kg
- Kapasitas : 1400 ml
- Bahan: Tritan, ABS, STS, Silikon
- Garansi Motor : 10 Tahun & Spare Part : 2 Tahun

Lebih mudah, cepat, dan sehat membuat jus sayur dengan Vacuum Blender Kuvings


Chef CB1000

Kuvings Professional Auto VacuumBlender

Make the perfect juice with the CB1000

The world's first commercial automatic vacuum blender.
It is quiet with the automatic opening and closing function of
the soundproof device, and excellently changes the working
environment with a quick start button and preset recipes.

Keep it fresh, put it whole without cutting

Specialized Vacuum Module

The perfect anti-oxidation vacuum blending minimize the oxidation and less bubblefoamed

Relief of the process

Introducing the world's first automatic opening and closing feature.

With one-touch operation, our blender's cover closes during blending and opens automatically when the process is complete.

This innovative electronic system saves you time while delivering flawless blending results.

The very first commercial auto blender in the world

Prevention of browning and layer separation

Professional Vacuum Blender CB1000

Safety Sensor

Detects whether the container stands securely on the base. Can be used by anyone without risk.

Quick Start button

Just one touch initiates the entire blending cycle, start to finish.

Tumbling container

By scientifically designing the angle of the lower part of the container, the improved rotation method enables smoother and more uniform blending of particles.

Convenient programs

5 pre-programmed buttons and 35 recipe settings can quickly fulfill any beverage order.

Soundproof enclosure

Just one touch initiates the entire blending cycle, start to finish.

Commercial blade

Stainless steel blades within the asymmetrical container base ensure the smoothest blend possible.



Model CB1000
Color Metal & Silver
Dimensions 220 x 245 x 480 mm
Weight 11 kg
Capacity 1400 ml
Voltage AC220-240V, 50/60Hz
Wattage 1700 Watts
Warranty 10 Years & Spare Parts: 2 Years