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Kuvings EVO820 - A juicer to invest in

Kuvings understands the needs of true juice lovers by creating products that provide the best juice results. Apart from that, this blender is also more efficient in processing larger pieces of fruit or vegetables thanks to its larger feed chute size, making the juice making process easier.

If you want the best tasting juice and a machine with a wide, easy-to-use feed chute , the Kuvings EVO820 is worth the investment. This juicer produces luxurious juice that has the best taste of all the juicers we tried. The feed chute on the EVO820 has two holes of different sizes.

The larger feed chute size on the EVO820 allows you to easily feed larger pieces of fruit or even small fruit like whole apples. In addition, a special filter has been neatly installed on the juice container to catch extra foam and sediment. So even without a filter, the juice still tastes very delicious.

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May 09, 2023 — Web NUC