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Fully Automatic- Kuvings CB1000 commercial vacuum blender

The CB1000 Commercial Blender is the world's first fully automatic blender. The new Commercial Blender from Kuvings is very fast, so you just need to install it and use it easily without any hassle. Completely operator-free and while your staff serves customers, let our new features make your job easier in producing high-quality drinks.

It blends. It pulses. It vacuums.

Explore its potential and test-drive the latest Kuvings commercial blender. From smoothie bowls to sauces, peanut butter, purees and soups, the CB1000 Commercial Blender takes over all the heavy lifting in making delicious meals with ease. The CB1000 Commercial Blender has five pre-programmed buttons and 37 recipe settings that will quickly make any order.

With a powerful 1700 watt adaptive engine that can detect ingredients, this blender will maintain optimal speed for each type of ingredient. You can use it to blend frozen fruits, fibrous vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes, and whole fruits with maximum results.

This blender will handle the most difficult ingredients well, so you always get smooth and fresh blends every time you use it.

Designed to perfection

With the asymmetrical base of the 1.4 liter capacity jug, food is circulated and mixed evenly - resulting in a smoother batter and perfect taste. You can easily make fresh sauces, pancakes or soups in seconds, and if you have cocktails or mocktails on your menu - it can easily blend ingredients that can be stored covered, and will naturally retain its color bright, so you can serve it easily and quickly.

With fully programmable blending cycles - you will instantly fall in love with the convenience and power that the CB1000 Automatic Commercial Blender provides!

  • Want to make the perfect sauce with less turning and more stirring? Can!
  • Want a smoothie without a vacuum? Of course the bus
  • Want to program a "quick start" button to make your most popular Acai Bowl in under 1 minute - yes, this works too!

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May 02, 2023 — Web NUC