Greek yogurt & Cheese Maker

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Delicious fermented foods are easy to make at home. Easy one-button, one-touch operation Make delicious food just by pushing a button. The settings can be adjusted based on your temperature and time preferences.

01. Easy one-button, one-touch operation
02. Quick & healthy fermentation
03. Smart control system that automatically turns off after fermentation.
Model KGC-621CE, KGC-621CB, KGC-712CE, KGC-712CB
Power Consumption 44W
Function Make yogurts, cheese, and ferment.
 Voltage AC220-240V, 50-60Hz  / AC100V、50-60Hz
 Dimensions 180 X 180 X 200mm
 Weight 1kg
 Capacity 2L (standard capacity : 1.2liter)
 Materials PP, PE, SAN, PP, PE, Tritan
Greek yogurt & cheese maker


Make your own Greek yogurt and cheese

My own Homemade cooking

Easy operation with one-touch menu. You can make
yogurt in 8 hours, cheese and amazake in 6 hours, and
enzyme-rich plum extract in 72 hours, which takes at least 3 months.

Large capacity size up

Kuvings Yogurt&Cheese Maker is ideal for families because it can make large quantities of healthy yogurt, cheese, vinegar and pickles at a time with up to 2,000ml containers.

Greek yogurt & Cheese Maker

Quick, Smart, Convenient, Simple, Large, Stylish

Greek yogurt & Cheese Maker Part

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